Fertility & preconception reflexology

Reflexology is becoming more widely recognised as being helpful for couples finding it difficult to conceive.

Approximately 20 to 25% of couples dealing with sub-fertility (the term used if conception has not occurred naturally after 12 months of `trying`), find there is no medical reason. There are many reasons for delays in conceiving, of which the main one is stress. 84% of couples in the general population will conceive within one year if they do not use contraception and have regular intercourse. After two years this increases to 92%.

Fertility reflexology promotes balance and encourages your body to function efficiently whilst reducing stress and anxiety. Your body and mind are rebalanced during treatments, leading to a healthy environment for ovulation and conception.

As part of the treatment an in depth look will be taken of medical history and lifestyle, which is a contributing factor of sub-fertility. This is done in complete confidence and enables me to put together a treatment plan that suits you both. It is very beneficial to treat both partners as sub-fertility can cause a lot of stress and anxiety.

Whilst fertility and preconception reflexology does not provide guarantees, it will assist in creating a more successful outcome.

Treatment cost

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Treating during IVF: the debate

There are many reflexologists who will not give treatments during IVF and some who are happy to treat.

During the IVF journey stress levels are very high and it is important for clients to understand that treatments during this stage are purely for relaxation and not trying to control hormone balance. Reflexology stress relief treatments can be used up to egg retrieval then during the five days after retrieval before implantation. Reflexology treatments are altered to include hormonal stimulation, detoxification and stress relief. It is important to have 1-2 treatments prior to embryo transfer. I am happy to treat clients 2 weeks after implantation but these treatments are very light and focused on reducing stress.