Welcome to my website, whatever your reason for arriving here please feel free to read about all the different holistic therapies I offer and how they can help you.

Thoughts, events and emotions all leave their mark on the body and mind. We each hold our tensions in our own way. Holistic therapies work on the ‘whole’ of the body and mind and therapeutic touch relaxes you both mentally and physically allowing the body to rebalance itself.

All my holistic therapy treatments give you a chance to take time out and relax to a deeper level than usually experienced.

Reflexology for fertility

Reflexology is becoming more widely recognised as being helpful for couples finding it difficult to conceive.


Reflexology for pregnancy

Reflexology treatments can be used throughout pregnancy and are very helpful after your baby is born.


Holistic massage

Massage utilises a wide range of different techniques tailored for each person’s individual needs.